Chalcolithic-Bronze Age, Turkey

Site excavation director: prof. F.Balossi-Restelli, Sapienza University of Rome

Chipped stone tools and macro-lithic tools use-wear and residues analyses

Moreover, LTFAPA is dealing also with the technological and functional study with traces analysis of the macro-lithic tools of the Arslantepe sequence, from Late Chalcolithic to Hittites Age. A PhD project (A.De Angelis PhD candidate Sapienza) is now focused on the macro-lithic tools of the village EBA VIB2 and their role in this community in both the domestic and the public spheres.

Another line of research was opened with three dissertations, respectively BA and MA dissertations on the production techniques of the stone beads from the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age levels  of Arslantepe and a MA dissertation regarding the interpretation of the weaving techniques at Late Chalcolitic 5 VIA  using an integrated approach of experimental archeology and traces analysis applied to the seals impressions on clay, “cretulae”, found in the storage areas of the administrative building. The weaving techniques were also investigated through the analysis of the spindle-whorls made of pottery and of bone found in various phases of the sequence of Arslantepe.

use-wear on macro-lithic tools


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